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Healthcare resources are stretched to address the needs of patients in South Africa. Whether it be the hospitals in the state, or the ability of medical aids to cover treatment costs, resources aren't enough to meet the needs of patients and healthcare providers.

The AICF was previously known as the ICCF where the focus was on cancer care. This was expanded to include other specialised diseases where access to innovative care is a challenge. The corporate social investment focus of the AICF will continue to be in oncology but may expand at some time going forward.

The AICF, together with our partners, is systematically visiting cancer units and using our resources to upgrade and refurbish these essential cancer facilities.

From repairing units that have been neglected for years; supplying essential equiment; organising effective transport for patients; to assisting with oncology nursing skills development, the AICF is making a difference in the lives of patients, their families, nurses and caregivers.

By relieving the burden of inadequate resources we are effectively building an environment where hope and optimism overcomes the burden of despair.