Financial Burden

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The cost of innovative treatment is a financial burden for all role players. The reality in South Africa is that not everyone can afford a medical aid - and even for those who can, it is often not enough to cover the cost of the most effective treatments.

This results in patients either not being given the treatment of choice, or in them incurring significant debt in order to continue the treatment that may save their lives or allow them more time with families and loved ones. This is where the AICF offers a solution.

Through patient access programmes, we are able to offer patients who have started treatment, some assistance should any of the following have arisen:

  • their medical aid benefits are depleted; or
  • their medical aid declines to reimburse in part or in full; and
  • where there is an affordability challenge.

By sharing the financial burden we are able to relieve the patient and their families of the burden of despair.