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The Need

South Africa’s healthcare system is predominantly nurse-based and requires nurses to have the competence and expertise to manage the country’s burden of disease and to meet South Africa’s healthcare needs. 

South African Nursing is in crisis, marked by nursing shortages and a radical decline in quality of nursing in both public and private sectors.

Access to an affordable, comprehensive Nursing Program remain a challenge

The Solution

In partnership with Nurses International (NI) and (NGU) the Nursing Oncology course provides a solid nursing science foundation by enabling evidence-based care, improving practitioner-patient communication and clinical judgement, and developing an overall understanding of the healthcare system and public health policy development. 

This Oncology Nursing Course is designed to provide the learner with an understanding of cancer in the local, regional and global context and the need for nurses with specialized knowledge, skills, and attitudes to provide safe, competent, quality care to individuals. 

Nurses and other Health Care Professionals taking this course will develop the knowledge and skills to deliver effective, holistic, evidence-based care to cancer patients. Additionally, the course will equip them with the skills to communicate excellently, think critically, and make sound clinical judgments to provide high-quality patient care.

Learning resources and materials for this course were provided by accredited, world-class organizations such as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S. National Institutes of Health, the World Health Organization, the Pan American Health Organization, and International Guidelines, Universities, and peer-reviewed Journals. 

The Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) facilitates distance learning. 

NextGenU’s Instructional Design team and Nurses International’s team members developed this course with contributions from Kathleen Capone MS, RN CNE, EdD; Stacen Keating PhD, RN; Lillian A Donnelly RN, MSN, NPD-BC; Lori Kerley, DNP, MS, RN; Caitlin M. Cartmell, MFS, BSN, RN; and Jordan Wilson, MSN, RN-BC.

Aims of this program is to help nurses:

  • Deliver evidence-based information enabling them to practice with accurate scientific knowledge, a solid nursing science foundation, excellent communication, and an understanding of the healthcare system for policy development as they work to prevent, identify, and treat patients with cancer.
  • Identify current treatments in interventional and pharmacological therapeutics with a focus on evidence-based holistic nursing care.
  • Place emphasis on the development of sound clinical judgment, critical thinking and collaborative care to achieve optimal outcomes for their patients.
  • Apply safeguards to support a safe practice environment for both patients and healthcare workers.

Oncology Course Update

Due to the many queries that AICF received from other learners eager to improve their knowledge about cancer, the AICF Board as well as the Nurses International Faculty staff have agreed to making this course available to all interested parties.

The course is now open to registered nurses, nursing students, other healthcare professionals, any staff working within an oncology facility as well as individuals in the pharmaceutical industry involved in the treatment of cancer patients.

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