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The Innovative Cancer Care Foundation was established in December 2010 with the intent of improving patient access to innovative cancer care. In 2016, the ICCF expanded to incorporate other therapeutic areas where access to innovative care is a challenge for healthcare providers and patients.

The name of the ICCF was changed to AICF. The primary business of the AICF is to manage patient programmes that provide innovative care to eligible patients. There are criteria for each patient programme and these must be met in order for the AICF to provide support.

The second key objective is to modernize existing tertiary provincial cancer treatment centres around South Africa and assist with skills development in specific disciplines.

This corporate social investment may expand to other disease entities going forward depending on the needs. In terms of the patients we serve, support is available to all patients on a non-discriminatory basis. The AICF is governed by an independent board of directors and members that include health care professionals, attorneys and patient representation, all on a voluntary basis.

The organization is operationalised by an AICF manager. As new diseases have been and will be included in the AICF, experts in their field have been and will be added to the board of members to ensure clinical expertise and governance of patient access programmes.